Fire Warden Course for Healthcare Providers

The main purpose of this course is to create self assurance in staff members that they will be able to correctly respond to an emergency fire evacuation of a high dependency setting.

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Fire Warden Course for Healthcare Providers

Fire Warden Course – 3.5 Hours

Course Content:


Duties of Senior Fire Warden

Duties of Fire Warden

Legislation – HIQA, Fire Officer, HSA Inspector

Evacuation Techniques

  • Phase 1 – Evacuation of Room

                  PEEP’s, Evacuation Sheets, Evacuation Pads etc.

  • Phase 2 – Compartment Evacuation

                  Progressive Horizontal

  • Phase 3 – Evacuation to a Safe Part of the Building

                  Progressive Horizontal and Vertical Evacuation

  • Phase 4 – Total Evacuation

                 Assembly Points and New Location

Fire Procedures for the Location

Review of the Alarm System

Hazard Identification

Practical Demonstration of Evacuation Sheet/Pad – Manikin

Fire Register, Visitor Sign In Register, Emergency Folder

Contacting and Dealing with the Emergency Services

Chemistry of Fire (Fire Triangle)

Uses and Types of Extinguishers

Practical Demonstration of Fire Extinguishers